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Attendance Roll Call Pro

1.99 usd

This app. helps maintain various attendances records for people gathering events such as company fire drills, army or police exercises, classroom, working crew, tourist groups as well as party activities. It organizes people by groups and attendance on events/incidents. A group could be a class of students, a department in a company, a working crew, a group of tourists or a unit of army soldiers or policemen. A person's attendance records will be gathered and reported or emailed. An incident could be a fire drill on a particular day, a class session in a morning, a tour to the great wall or a church outing on Sunday afternoon. A person can belong to various groups which is a feature most other apps don't offerYou can also track on the map the places your kids went or team or family member's last locations without having to reveal yours.
It also has tools for note keeping and reminders that lets you keep things planned and reminded all the time without having to connected to the internet.
Best of all, It allows you to backup and restore your attendance records, application data as well as contacts information via email without worrying about losing them in case you lost your phone which in turn allows you to share them between iPhone and Android phones of yours or/and other people
This app is available both in Android and iPhones.
Since this is an on-going app, some features are still to be added down the road. Your wishlist can be send to
You can download the free version to try first, the link to the free version is: